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About was built to gather data from crew members around the world about yachts that they've worked on. Our goal is to give you a reliable, unbiased source of information.

We embolden crew members everywhere by making sure they are informed about the yachts they are looking at working on, ultimately improving transparency and accountability in the superyacht industry.

You can help by reviewing the yachts you have worked on - it only takes about 8 minutes. By doing so, you will be helping future crew members make informed career decisions as well as raising the standards overall. If you are currently working on an amazing yacht, add a review and let the results speaks for themselves.

Our success and the value of this site depends on gathering your data. Please, help us spread the word!

3 Quick Steps to Review a Yacht

For the non-millenials, here's what you need to do.

Step 1


In the search box, start typing the name of the yacht that you're after. The auto-complete feature will provide you with a list of yachts matching that text. Click the search icon or press enter to get going.

Step 2

Browse Results

The results will be displayed in a grid format, you can use the filters on the left to fine tune your search if needed. Click on the name or image of the yacht, then "Add Review"

Step 3

Login and Review

You will be prompted to login with a social media account. Don't worry, we will never post anything, ever. Once logged in, follow the prompts to complete all the questions in the review - there are 9 pages which should take you about 8 minutes. Click "Submit Review" at the end to see your result.

Yacht Ranking - the Data

We value accurate, honest and unbiased data.

8 Categories

From "Crew Happiness" to "Leadership & Management", we have all the bases covered, assessing each yacht equally and thoroughly. Browse the "Rating Analysis" page for an in-depth look at the yacht's data.

70 Questions

We followed the psychometric research methodology called the Likert Scale to make sure that the data are collected in an unbiased and statistically valid way. 70 questions seems like a lot, but believe us there are more we could have added.

Ranking Algorithm

All questions are scored out of 5, weighted equally and ratings are displayed with two decimal places. In the search results page, you can sort the results based on a particular category e.g. Salary & Benefits, this will show you the best paying yachts to work on.

Yacht Search

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